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Introducing a revolutionary new video to help aspiring actors start their Show Business Careers!

The 6 STEPS TO A SUCCESSFUL ACTING CAREER DVD is for anyone who wants to enter acting, but doesn’t know where to start. It contains everything an aspiring actor needs to know about how to enter the business and how to make money. Produced by Aaron Seals, founder of NYCastings.com, the DVD brings together working show business professionals who outline the necessary steps to make a living while developing an acting career.

Introducing a revolutionary new video to help aspiring actors start their Show Business Careers!

The DVD is made up of 6 chapters, plus a chapter for kids and their parents on the special aspects of childhood acting such as work permits and the Kid/Parent team which is a special relationship that needs recognition and nurturing.

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Some of the topics covered are:

Chapter 1
In the Beginning
These are the first steps that you may take from wherever you live. From starting in school plays, church organizations, community theatre, to producing your own productions at home with your home video camera. Basically getting the spark started and trying to get any kind of experience possible. Then we move on to discovering the “Major Markets’ like Hollywood and New York where most of the acting work happens.

Chapter 2
Types of Work
In this chapter the types of work are explored such as: Film, Television, Theatre, Commercials, Voice-Overs & Print Ads and how real working actors make their livings in these various forms of the media. Also what’s covered are the actors unions, which regulate the actors pay scales and conditions.

Chapter 3
Skills Needed
In this chapter our experts take about the skills you need to compete in the business. This is broken into 2 parts. The first are the Acting Skills you need, why you need great skills to compete and how actors train for these skills. The second part is the Business Skills you need. Business skills are researching the right people to know, knowing industry standards, and basic business how-to.

Chapter 4
Marketing covers the materials and tools of the trade that actors use like: Headshots, resumes, the actors video reel, the internet and more. Then the Who’s Who in the business like: The Agent, The Manager & the Casting Director – What do they do, what do they look for and how to best attract them into working with you.

Chapter 5
Day to Day Business
This chapter looks into what working actors do every day to keep working – like the hectic lifestyle of auditioning, preparing for auditions, finding projects to audition for, rehearsing, communicating with your agents & manager and balancing this all with your personal life and day jobs.

Chapter 6
Levels is all about the beginning steps to moving up the ladder of success to better acting roles, better paying jobs, getting better representation then over to the do-it-yourself approach of producing your own productions and really creating the career you want.

This DVD is the fastest way to understand and get started in the acting business.

You can read more about the video in this interview with creator, Aaron Seals on NYCastings.com – ‘Look out kevin Bacon’  


“This is hands-down the best resource out there for new actors. It’s a one-stop tool that gets you way ahead of the game and your competition’
– Sasha, New York Actress

“Wonderful insights from other professionals in our field of acting.”
Inspirational, motivating, informative, a great tool for helping me understand what steps I can, I should and I will take to move my acting career forward.  Each step is broken down to a easy to follow format to help new actors thru experienced actors get their careers moving in the direction they want!
– Sandra palmeri, Working Actress in New York

“6 Steps to a Successful Acting Career lives up to its title and is an excellent from-the-ground-up primer for anyone interested in getting started as an actor.”
– Midwest Book Review / Library Bookwatch
“While this program is directed toward those who aspire to be actors or in the entertainment business, it actually has a broader appeal.  The lessons put forward here may apply to any career path. Establishing goal seeking behavior, constant improvement, diversity and building a broad background bode well to enhance any career choice.”
– Leslie McClure, 411 Video Information

This practical program helps viewers navigate the acting field. Advice is grouped into six chapters: “In the Beginning,” “Types of Work,” “Skills,” “Marketing,” “Day to Day,” and “Climbing the Ladder and Do It Yourself.” Professionals—including talent agents, producers, working actors, and teachers—share insider tips and techniques and offer straightforward advice. Aspiring actors are urged to start locally with community and school productions, attend classes and training, treat acting as a business, and know their “type.” Self-promotion and networking are stressed, and the intricacies of getting an agent, joining equity groups, attending auditions, and making yourself available are explored. The format consists mainly of experts speaking directly to the camera, with occasional acting-class clips and screen captions. The information is invaluable for aspiring actors.
— Candace Smith, BookList Online

“6 Steps to a Successful Acting Career” spells out the basics of acting and can help aspiring actors make strides when it comes to entering the industry and surviving in the business. This instructional DVD was produced by Aaron Seals, who owns NYCastings, one of the largest casting companies in the US. There’s even a section on childhood acting, with information on work permits for children in the business. I think that this is a great starter DVD for people looking to make it in the acting world and is definitely worth taking a look at.
— IQ Films

Anything that inspires you as an actor is great. This DVD is not expensive so it is like taking an acting seminar at home. I have been in the business for years and wish something like this would have been out when I started.
— Starcam444 (YouTube)

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